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Coaching and Mentoring Pre Appointment and first half year

This is an area where we believe that coaching and mentoring can play a pivotal role in both the speed and success of the transition into a new position. we have been involved in thousands of job offers around the worls and know just how stressful a period this is for the individual, their families and the organisation. We can use coaching to help the individual manage the process and ideally to use the period between accepting an offer and starting at a new organisation  in a positive manner.

The first 6 months or even the 1st 100 days is a crutial period for the individual new to the role particularly if they have moved organisation. We work with the person providing coaching support to help them to adjust to the new environment, culture and people. We have also identified some actions and behaviours that increase the speed of acceptance and impact of the person within the organisations and we can make them aware of these as part of a mentoring support program.