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We provide a range of services in the following areas. Much of this work is surrounding the establishment of new geographic or business operations.

Executives Coaching

  • One to one individual 
  • Team
  • Project group

Key Policy Development

  • Company Culture distillation and re enforcement 
  • Role recognition
  • Business Code of Conduct/Ethics
  • Delegation of Authority

Organisation Design & Development
  • Initial team and organisation structure.
  • Transformation organisation
  • On-going stage 2 organisation

Compensation Philosophy & Employee Benefits

  • Philosophy development – small number of grade A+ people 
  • Efficiency of reward mechanism
  • Impact of location analysis 

Recruitment & Selection

  • Key positions identified and specified
  • Candidates sourced
  • Qualification of candidates
  • Reference checking, medicals and offer management

Contracts of Employment

  • Working with the legal and tax advisors to construct T & C’s that are motivational to the candidate and are legally and tax effective for the client
  • Induction & Relocation Management of the process of candidates entering the company

Performance Management

  • Establishment of Key Performance Indicators that are clearly understood by the individuals and the Company.
  • Implement a performance review program that will include 360 degree review process.
  • Undergo a training and development needs analysis at an individual and Company level. 
  • Develop and agree a disciplinary procedure 

Organisation risk analysis and succession planning

  • Review the organisation against short and medium term business goals to skills requirements to achieve the objectives.
  • Identify skill requirements and review current team against these requirements.
  • Identify individual training/development needs.
  • Look at external acquisition of key skills both for short term cover and longer term team strength