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Our role is talent acquisition on a global basis across a wide range of functions and markets. We understand the identification and assessment of talent and have proved that these skills are nearly universally applicable.

We enjoy the challenge of working on new functions or market areas and we have developed processes and approaches that enable us to be very successful even in areas where we have no previous experience.

Over the years we have however built up expertise and in-depth knowledge of specific markets and roles that helps us in our assignments. We would not wish to overstate the benefits this gives as we have learnt the importance of not making assumptions and the benefits of having a discipline to treat every assignment with the thoroughness needed when addressing a requirement for the first time.

What familiarity to a sector does help with is that we already have a network of contacts that can help us to identify potentially suitable candidates.  This can help to speed up the process as in certain cases we may already know of  some of the candidates that will be included in the final shortlist. It is also invaluable when we are handling an Executive Benchmarking exercise where speed is essential and existing contacts are a major help.