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We recognise that we cannot predict the future but there are some trends that will have an impact upon talent acquisition and development. We are committed to helping our clients benefit from these changes.

The growth of the virtual organisation where the senior management team can be spread around the world has certainly created challenges for talent acquisition. We are also seeing a growth in people who are on interim contracts or rather than work for just one company, work with a number of organisations either on a non-executive, consultancy or part-time basis.

The days of having offices in every capital and only looking at people currently in a specific location are gone. Now we are as likely to find suitable candidates for international positions anywhere. Even for domestic positions candidate locations are widely dispersed.

Having recently handled a number of roles in infrastructure development we have found people who are literally in places that are not on the map, but through effective use of the internet we have identified them, contacted them, linked them with clients and got to final selection stage without them leaving their remote location.

The importance of social networking cannot be overstated and we believe that this will only increase in importance. By effectively making use of these networks it is possible to identify and connect with potential candidates who would never have been contacted through traditional search techniques. While we were ahead of the industry in developing goldenhello in the late 1990s we are not complacent and a number of new approaches are currently being trialled.

We see the future as being where the competition for each role and for each candidate is going to become much fiercer with great candidates having a greater choice.

While there are markets with high unemployment, great candidates have no shortage of opportunities either locally or internationally. It is therefore essential that clients present their opportunities as attractively as possible and have a recruiting process that increases the attractiveness of the role and organisation. We are working with all of our clients on improving the recruitment experience for candidates with the process being “fit-for-purpose” both as a selection mechanism and marketing tool.