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Our work here is one of the ways that we increase the effectiveness of the appointed candidate's entry to the client and decreases the chance of them changing their mind. In Europe there can often be a six month plus period between somebody accepting an offer and being allowed to start with the client. Sometimes they are put on "garden leave" and depending on the particular restrictions placed on them during this period, can usefully prepare for their new position and potentially make a much more positive impact.

Where possible we arrange for meetings between the appointed candidate and key interfaces in the client. We also coach the appointed candidate during this period to help them make use of the period and perhaps develop new skills and competencies that will be useful in their new role. We also work with the candidate and their family if relocation is required.

Research has shown that this period is often wasted and the longer it goes on the greater the difficulty of their start with the new company. If however close links are made with the company and key interfaces then this can be a very productive period.