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While we handle individual assignments much of our work is in the projects area where we are building a team in either a new geography or business.

We have supported a number of organisations as they have expanded their operations into new geographies. In many of the cases they have operated in these areas through distributors and in certain cases it has been necessary to handle the projects in secret.

We have built complete new teams sometimes with the assistance of the client's corporate HR team and sometimes where we take on the responsibility for both the Project and HR Management.  Where it makes sense we will work with local suppliers of permanent and contract staff to provide some of the people but we will always take responsibility for their assessment.

We have handled these types of projects in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Russia and Central Asia for some of the leading companies in IT, Telecoms, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure.

Sometimes we have been called upon to build completely new businesses. For example we were tasked to build the initial organisation for a private sector led, not-for-profit organisation. This was the result of a G8 initiative that had the backing of major IT, Consulting, Social Venture Capital and Government organisations. The aim of this organisation was to support entrepreneurs and micro- businesses in the developing world grow into successful medium-sized business.

Some of the projects have been truly global where the candidates can be currently based anywhere and may form a “virtual” team and either relocate to one of the clients' existing sites or continue to work remotely. One example of this type of project that we have handled is where one of our telecom clients decided to develop some new devices that would require different software and hardware than they were currently developing. They did not have any of the required skills in-house so we had to build the team from the business leader through to technical architects and hardware and software engineers. In this project we identified that it may be better to acquire companies who had these skills rather than recruit them individually. We have provided them with the potential acquisition targets and the project is continuing.

In the Infrastructure area some of the projects that we have been involved in have been to build organisations that can be implemented if the client wins the bid that they are working on. One of our clients is a joint venture between a sovereign wealth fund, a major port operator and The World Bank. They are engaged in a number of multi-billion dollar deals that will require them to have a step change in the size of their organisation, however these resources cannot be justified until the deals are signed. We have been working with them to identify people who will fill key positions in this future organisation. We have been open with the candidates about the situation and provide regular progress updates.  As a result of this pipeline of talent our client will be able to have the key roles in the new organisation appointed within hours of the deal being signed and people started as soon as their notice periods are completed. In some cases these individuals will also bring teams of people with them.